Playing Doctor


Politics aside, Playing Doctor is my first foray into M/M erotica, and I had a great time writing it. Besides enjoying the characters that I created, I also enjoy the learning process. Writing is fun; publishing is a chore, but you can’t have one without the other. Today I start writing part two of Playing Doctor. Here is an excerpt.

“Have you done this before?” I asked.
I swear his voice sounded even deeper than before. “No.”
“Neither have I.”
Both of us were breathing heavily, and then I laid my head on his chest and sighed. I could feel the muscles of his neck move, then his lips in my hair.
“Are you okay? I mean, are you nervous? We can stop if you…” I interrupted him by pressing my lips to his.
“No. I want this.” I said when I broke the kiss. “I want you.” I pulled at his sleeves, and he lifted his shoulders up to allow me to remove his t-shirt. I placed my hands on his shoulders and held him down, then I licked around his nipples, then took one into my mouth. I could feel the vibration of his groan in my mouth, coming from deep within him. He tried to push up, but I held him down, wanting to please him, to feel him get harder beneath me.
Now that his shirt was off I could smell his musk, driving me crazy. I lifted one of his arms back and moved my face over his armpit and inhaled deeply. Oh God, this scent could drive me insane. I stuck my tongue out, then licked him from his armpit to his nipple, then back again, using a bit more suction on the return trip. I didn’t think it possible, but I could feel his cock getting bigger under my ass, as he tried to push it into me through our clothes.
Kent growled, a sound I had never heard before in real life, and his deep voice ripped through me like no sound ever had. Suddenly his hands pushed me up, then back on the bed and before I knew it he had my shorts around my ankles, and the head of my cock in his mouth. His tongue circled the head of my dick, then his lips sucked down the side of my shaft to my balls, then back up to the head again. He repeated this over and over,l driving me to the edge of sanity. My whole body was trembling, shaking from intense sensations it had never felt before.
I was about to lose it, every nerve in my body felt deliciously on edge. Then he took the head of my dick in his mouth again and I felt his fingers pressing against the entrance of my ass. My muscles clenched for a second, not used to somebody else’s touch. Then I relaxed, allowing the tip of his finger to slip inside. I moaned when I felt his mouth leave my cock, only to groan louder when his tongue licked underneath my balls, then gasped when it replaced his finger, working the tip of his tongue inside me.
I wanted his cock deep inside of me, though his size frightened me. It also turned me on.

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