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Kiss and Tell (Coastal College Players Book 3)

I miss living in North Carolina. The people are wonderful, and it’s truly a gorgeous place to live. Some hateful people have recently made it less inviting; Governor McCrory and the Republican-led legislature. Andrea Dalling has written a great book based on Shakespear’s Othello called Kiss and Tell. It is a great story that touches on […]

Ted Cruz says No to vibrators and other sex toys. Seriously.

This is fucked up. Stay out of our bedrooms Ted. We like our toys. #sextoys #vibrators


Both Playing Doctor and Playing Doctor: Heart are on the bestseller list for LGBTQ Erotica at AllRomanceebooks. Check out the latest, Playing Doctor: Fever to see what’s turning everybody on!

PSA: Authors, Write Books, Not War

On Facebook this morning, my husband linked to an article at The Daily Dot about the dangers of blogging/posting at work. Before I even clicked the link to read the post, I laughed bitterly and tho… Source: PSA: Authors, Write Books, Not War

Playing Doctor: Fever

The story of Kent and Erik comes to a close. What started off as a simple story about a guy losing his virginity turned into an emotional journey that many of us can relate to. The book is available on Amazon and on AllRomanceebooks. Get your copy today!

Lesbian Porn

I decided to expand my horizons and watch lesbian porn. No, not the fake stuff made by straight men, but the real deal made by women. I’m surprised to say it was hot. Passion is hot, regardless of gender, if it’s done right. So I’ve decided to write about it. (Just kidding.)

More Str8 Women and Gay Porn…

Another article about hetero women who love the man on man action. Makes a lot of sense when you think about it.