I’m excited about my writing for the first time in months, and my latest story will be published in a matter of days. It’s hot, passionate, and most importantly, it got me hot and bothered while writing it. It’s about insecurity, growing up, becoming more comfortable in your own skin. Oh yeah, and there is some sizzling sex too.
Here’s a small sample.

He shook his head, smiled, then in one swoop picked me up, and strode across the living room as if I weighed nothing at all. The apartment was small, so in only a few steps he was in my bedroom. I looked deep into his eyes, a tiny growl coming from his throat and then his lips graced mine, first tenderly, then with more force. His beard felt rough like old velvet and his tongue dipped into my mouth gently, and he tasted like no other man.
I wrapped my arms around his neck and as he laid me on the mattress I pulled him down on top of me, wrapping my legs around his massive chest. I stared into his rich brown eyes and his eyebrows knit together, as if he was curious, really curious about what I was all about. I wasn’t used to such attention, and between my raging hormones and the hottest man I’d ever seen in my life I trembled in anticipation.
Quickly, his expression changed, so fast I couldn’t take it in before I knew what was happening. His large hand grasped me by the back of the neck and drew me forward into an embrace. I felt his arms lifting me up off of the pillow, then I felt his tongue lapping at my neck. Emotions I couldn’t name exploded inside me, and I shook even harder, with involuntary groans coming out of my lips. Then he pulled back and stared deeply into my eyes, and I felt something in my chest loosen, a feeling of tension dissipating under the weight of his lingering glance.

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