Romance is generally seen as devotion to one other person, flowers, candy, and weepy movies. Personally, kissing in the rain makes my engines roar. But what if there was more? What if romance wasn’t just about white picket fences and fluffy dogs on book covers?

I was speaking to a very close friend yesterday about this, and he claims that BDSM can be incredibly romantic. Issues of trust and caring dominated the conversation, and I thought about kink in an entirely new light. My imagination went into overdrive, and I’m excited to be writing a new story.

I’ve finished outlining my next short erotica story SMUT, which will be the last one I  write for awhile, since I will be focusing my efforts on longer works.

May the porn be with you.

SMUT– Available after Xmas. 2f4f97660ed7c453187fb6a74bbe7da4

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