Missionary Style?

So, new smut was outlined and…I couldn’t do it. I love writing the sexy times, but I’m much more interested in a challenge. So, today I wrote 3.8k on the novel, Missionary. Very excited to be writing long for a change. The biggest problem I have is that I’m used to a faster pace. Now I have to flesh things out, rely more on descriptions in order to get the feels correct. What’s making it easier is setting it in my hometown, Richmond Va. I have a definite love/hate relationship with RVA, and the architecture itself stirs feelings in me that translates well to the page.

The two main characters, Fernando and Brig, are polar opposites, yet fit together like hand in glove. Keeping them apart is actually a challenge, since the two of them feel damn near perfect as a couple. Oh well, it’s fun throwing a wrench into it right when you think things are all set for a HEA. Tomorrow’s goal is a minimum 2k. Today’s pic is the inspiration for Fernando. (Fanning myself)


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