New work coming out on April 8. I’m taking the leap, and going longer with this one. A paralyzing fear of writing longer fiction has taken root, and the only way to overcome this is to bite the bullet and just do it.

Macho is the story of Jared and Creed; Jared is an insecure young man from an abusive home who is taking his first steps toward becoming a stronger man. Creed is a muscular, insanely hot personal trainer who nevertheless has his own demons to slay. Looks are easy to worship, it’s when you are forced to dig beneath the surface that true love becomes a permanent part of your soul. This is a stand-alone novella without cliffhangers and it comes complete with hot and steamy sexy times and a HEA. Macho will be available at all storefronts for pre-order in the next day or so, and will officially be released on April 8. Macho-Generic

Crush- Available Now-All Storefronts

Crush is now available at all storefronts, links below. It’s a story close to my heart. I wrote the bare bones of it many years ago. Found it at my parents, cleaned it up a bit, and decided to share it with the world. Enjoy!


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I’m staying with my family while my father goes through the final stages of a terminal illness. While here I rummaged through stuff that had been saved over the years and found old short stories from years ago, back before there was much of an MM romance/erotica scene. I found a few of them that weren’t totally cringeworthy, so I’m cleaning them up and publishing them. I enjoyed working on these back in the day, and I’m glad others will be able to read them. The first one, Crush, will be released in the next couple of days. This will give me some breathing space to continue work on my first novel. I hope you enjoy them.photostudio_crushfinal