Three Day Special- Hero

Hero got a brand new cover, and to celebrate I put it on sale at Amazon and Apple- 50% off through Saturday. Unlucky in love, good-hearted Reed Stinger only attracts narcissistic and abusive men who take advantage of his good nature. After he discovers his latest boyfriend in a compromising position with another man, he’s … Continue reading Three Day Special- Hero

Macho- tech issues resolved.

The death of my father made the publishing of Macho much more hurried than it should have been, and mistakes were made in the editing process. These have been taken care of, and a new file has been uploaded to my distributor. If you've not received an automatic update from the storefront you purchased the … Continue reading Macho- tech issues resolved.

Macho-Live 04/08/17

Macho- The story of two men; Jared is young, inexperienced in love, but more experienced with the harsher truths of life. Creed is older, afraid of intimacy, much less with a younger man. Here's a brief excerpt. He looked into my eyes again, thick black lashes damp. He swiped at them with his other hand. … Continue reading Macho-Live 04/08/17