Macho-Live 04/08/17

Macho– The story of two men; Jared is young, inexperienced in love, but more experienced with the harsher truths of life. Creed is older, afraid of intimacy, much less with a younger man. Here’s a brief excerpt.

He looked into my eyes again, thick black lashes damp. He swiped at them with his other hand.

“Look, I’m sorry I shouldn’t be laying this on you, you’ve got so much to deal with already and I’m supposed to be the grownup here…”

“Whoa, stop that right now. Maybe I don’t know much, maybe I’m a few years younger, but I can be here for you. Yeah, we just met, and we’re a lot alike. I’m not good at talking to people, I guess I’m afraid of them, and while I might not have a lot of advice to give, I can still listen.” I held tight to his hand, frustrated at the usual argument adults always gave younger people- how they aren’t old enough, or mature enough. I’m an adult, maybe a young one, but I’ve been through some shit, and I’m not a kid anymore. Hell, living with my family, I’ve been adulting for years.

“Okay, but this frightens me. I did something unforgivable last night, betraying your trust.” He took his hand out of mine, looking away again before I could catch his eye.

“What are you talking about? You were my hero last night.” I was confused, unable to say the right thing because I had no idea what he was talking about. His body language baffled me too. Here we are, holding hands, yet he couldn’t look me in the eye? “If anything I should be apologizing to you for letting you get involved in my crazy family drama.”

Creed gripped my hand tight, let go of it, then ran his fingers through his hair, groaning as if he was in agony, a pain without physical boundaries. His face underwent a transformation; from guilt and torment, it went blank, like a stone smoothed over the centuries by sand, wind, and rain until it shone like the smoothest glass.

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