Saint Brig Completed and Sloan Johnson Rocks!

Vertical image of man in striped sweater

One of the things I do to get in my characters head is to write a biography of them. Usually this is a page or two that gives me a basic overview of their life and emotional well-being, or lack of. While working on my next book Missionary, I did my usual bit, writing out a brief synopsis of my main character Brigham. He’s fascinating to say the least, and easy to love.

What started off as being just a couple of pages turned into a story in itself. I’m already three quarters of the way through Missionary, and Brig’s backstory grew into a separate tale of it’s own. In order to do this complex character justice, I’m releasing it as a short story simultaneously with the publication of Missionary. No publication date has been set, but editing has already begun, and the cover has been made by the amazing Sloan Johnson, so it should be before the end of June.

Oh, one more thing. If you are not aware of this, Sloan just released an amazing five star book that everyone should read. False Start (Wilmington Breakers Book 2) is available now on Amazon in Kindle Unlimited.

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