Late to the party- as usual

I have fallen in love with Jack and Ethan, the main characters from Enemies of The State, one of the best M/M romance novels I've read this year. Seriously, Tal Bauer's writing is superb, and there is nothing better than action and adventure combined with political intrigue. Oh, well, yes, it does get better, with the … Continue reading Late to the party- as usual

Covfefe- Chuck Tingle Strikes Again

My hero, Chuck Tingle has written about another current event so swiftly it makes you wonder if he's in cahoots with CheetoVonTweeto himself.  Pounded in The Butt by Covfefe is the latest from this twice nominated Hugo award author. Here's the descriptions. Hayden has been working as Domald Tromp’s private bodyguard for years, but now … Continue reading Covfefe- Chuck Tingle Strikes Again