Covfefe- Chuck Tingle Strikes Again

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 12.20.41 AM

My hero, Chuck Tingle has written about another current event so swiftly it makes you wonder if he’s in cahoots with CheetoVonTweeto himself.  Pounded in The Butt by Covfefe is the latest from this twice nominated Hugo award author. Here’s the descriptions.

Hayden has been working as Domald Tromp’s private bodyguard for years, but now that he’s working for the President of the United States, he’s become privy to more top-secret government meeting than he ever could’ve imagined.

Now at Margo Largo, Tromp’s Florida estate, Hayden finds himself wrapped up in a debate between Tromp and a Russian diplomat regarding a mysterious creature named Covfefe. The fight finally escalates until all three of them take a trip to see Covfefe for themselves, revealing the true nature of this government funded, coffee based lifeform.

What Hayden didn’t count on is just how charming Covfefe would be in person. Soon enough, the bodyguard and this handsome coffee beast find themselves proving love in a hardcore anal pounding that could save the world.

This erotic tale is 4,200 words of Covfefe on man action, including anal, blowjobs, rough sex, cream pies, and handsome top-secret living-coffee program love.

Get your copy of Pounded in The Butt by Covfefe today on Amazon!

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