Playing Doctor

playingdoctornew The story of two virgin guys having their first time experience has proven to be a great seller. It was my first attempt at writing gay themed erotica, and despite my initial attempts to keep it light and sexy, it turned romantic, of course. It’s set in my hometown of Richmond VA, and it’s pretty steamy, kinky, and it will make your heart smile too. I’ve been asked if it is based on real life events, and…I’ll continue to give a Mona Lisa smile and say neither yes or no.

Portrait of a handsome casual man standing and laughing

Looking back on it, I’m pleased, and it has sold extremely well for a virgin coming out tale, and the reviews are decent too. I’m putting finishing touches on Missionary, which will be released before the end of the month. Until then, enjoy Playing Doctor, Part One for free! If you like it, get the second part, Playing Doctor Heart, and part three, Playing Doctor Fever, available at all websites, or at Enrique Cruz Books.



#amwriting #gayvirgin #gayfiction

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