Brig’s First Kiss

As I approach publication, I’m getting very excited- the main characters have invaded my brain in a good way. This is Brig’s first kiss.

Gabriel popped out of his chair, and I almost thought he was going to make a run for the door. Keeping his head down, he started for the exit, grabbing my elbow in his hand and pulling me along with him. I pried his fingers off me, turned and snatched my duffel bag off the floor then jogged toward him. His hand found my arm once more, this time his grip was like a vice.

Vertical image of man in striped sweater

“Young lady, you’ve been through once already.” I heard someone say loudly, knowing they were addressing Jenna. Both of us stopped for a brief second, unable to move, but Gabriel apparently decided he was getting out of there no matter what. His grip on my elbow tightened and seconds later we were outside in the bright sun.

He didn’t let go, his feet pulling us down the sidewalk, almost at a jog. The sidewalks were uneven in places and I almost tripped. An alley opened up on his left side and he pulled me into it, leaned against the concrete wall and started breathing really fast. I leaned against it next to him, my heart pounding with fear, though I wasn’t sure what I was afraid of exactly. Contact fear is the worst; fear derived by someone else’s, unknown and unasked for.

“What just happened?” I whispered between gasps of air. I felt like we’d just run a marathon. Gabriel leaned into me, then I felt his arm on my shoulders. I turned and looked up at him, feeling myself fall under the spell of his hypnotic eyes. We stood there for a minute, just staring at each other, then he leaned down, his lips approaching mine. I’ve never been kissed before, never expected it to happen like this, with someone I’d only just met, who was hiding from a mysterious stranger.

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