Playing Doctor: Only You

Readers spoke, and I’m listening. I’ve had several readers comment that they’d love to know what happened to Kent and Erik as they grew older. Of course they are referring to the main characters in my very first book, Playing Doctor.


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This was unexpected, to say the least. Kent and Erik were an experiment for me, my first time writing romance. But, apparently I struck a chord with readers, and based on their feedback, I’m continuing their story. The  next book is called Playing Doctor: Only You. The story has been outlined, and the first three chapters written. It will be released before the end of December. I can’t wait to finish it, though it’s also difficult, as I’ve grown attached to these guys.

I listen to a lot of 80’s music, and this song, originally sung by Yaz, reminds me of the depth of feeling Erik and Kent share for one another. I get most of my story ideas from music, and this next book is no exception. If you listen to the words, you’ll get an idea of the direction their story is heading in. I’ll be checking in with you guys soon with more updates!

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