Mannox: An Excerpt

This is just a taste of what you’ll find in Luke Jameson’s latest erotic story, Mannox.

The balmy night air was thick, and coupled with the handful of fans still stalking Lance at the backstage door, oppressive. I stuck with the bodyguards as they formed a wall around Lance. He stopped us for a minute here and there, signing autographs and posing for pictures. The hyper-adoration of the teenagers calmed somewhat as he gave them what they wanted, or at least, what they thought they wanted.

Beneath the layers of heavy black eyeliner, skin tight clothes and youthful innocence was a palpable undercurrent of lust. As he placed his arms around them and touched their hands, you could feel hormonal surges transferring from flesh to the atmosphere surrounding us. The bodyguards smirked, used to the adoration bestowed upon their charges.

My cock grew thick watching it, and if it was at all possible, their lust for Lance traveled through the humid air and soaked into my skin. For the briefest moment I wanted to snatch him away, take possession of the pop star in front of these kids. Show them that what he desired had nothing to do with their teenage dreams.

My cock kiddos. Buzz off.


Finally the last autograph was signed, and we hustled into the waiting limo, one guard in the front seat, and another in the back with us. For a moment I was incensed; I wanted the action to start now. 

How dare that bodyguard get in with us? 

The bodyguard’s frame was muscular, like a professional wrestler. His beard was thick, and as he sat back in his seat, I noticed something else about him that was huge; his cock. His package stretched the thin denim tight to the point of bursting, and I had a hard time tearing my eyes away. I didn’t want to get caught staring, but I was dying to know what he looked like underneath his jeans. 

I sat across from them, trying my best to focus on my trick. I didn’t want to piss him off when now all I could think about was the huge bodyguard packing major heat. Moments later, my curiosity was rewarded.

“Lance, before you finish with him,” the guard said, looking in my direction, “take care of me.” He squeezed his cock with his massive hand, and my mouth immediately went dry.

My eyes must have grown huge, and the big man smirked and unzipped his jeans. Lance got on his knees, reached a slender hand inside and pulled out the thickest cock I’d ever seen, and I’d seen a lot. Without a second’s hesitation he wrapped his lips around the mushroom head. The bodyguard’s hips bucked, and his moans filled the back of the limo. He leaned his head back, placed a hand on the back of the pop star’s head and forced his cock deeper into the young man’s throat.

The crotch of my jeans grew tight. I looked down and saw a wet spot forming, my cock demanding attention. I rubbed it through the material, never taking my eyes away from Lance working that huge cock with his mouth and hands. I wanted to get on my knees, help him get the guard off, so I unzipped my jeans. Without warning, Lance stopped, looked at me and issued a command.

“Don’t. You’re fucking me next.”

The guard smiled and shrugged his shoulders. Then he placed his hand on the back of Lance’s head and forced the pop star halfway down his shaft. I licked my lips, frustrated, then zipped back up. I crossed my arms over my chest so I wouldn’t touch myself. The need to get off growing by the second as the bodyguard’s cock slid in and out between Lance’s lips. 

I knew what was happening. Lance was teasing me, prolonging my need, making me want to fuck him harder. The sight of that piece of meat sliding in and out of that pretty mouth, so like Joe’s mouth, was making my inner circuit breaker overload.

“Bitch, almost there. Yes, that’s it. You gonna eat my come?” The guard asked, breathlessly. Lance nodded his head, then stopped moving. I could see his tongue working the head of the guard’s dick, prolonging the point of no return. Lance placed a hand against his bodyguard’s tight balls and gave a gentle squeeze.

“Fuck.” The bodyguard sighed, his body stiff as his cock pumped its load into Lance’s greedy throat. The younger man’s eyes opened, then it seemed as if his crystal blue eyes rolled into the back of his head. Not able to help myself, I palmed my cock and moaned.

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