Raunchy, irreverent, lover of words, that would be an apt description of Enrique. He ran across an ancient Harlequin at a thrift store years ago, and after that moment he was constantly on the hunt for the gay versions. Having grown up in a publishing atmosphere, he knew he’d eventually have to write the books he wanted to read.

Writing what speaks to him and to readers is no easy task. Enrique wants his words to speak to your heart, and your intellect; both are essential to the reading experience. He started writing hot, steamy erotica, but every one of his stories ended with a happily ever after, so he’s now focused on romances, occasionally writing a short, sexy story for fun! You can find books by Enrique Cruz at all major retailers around the world, and at his very own bookstore where he sells his own books, and a curated list of books he loves by other authors.