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No More Secrets

Everything Tennis champion Tyler Florman touches turns to gold. Winning is easy, but fame comes with a price. Living in the closet in exchange for riches and honors was second nature, until he met the younger man who conquered his heart.

Chip Carter has turned a childhood trauma into a career saving lives. As an EMT, he’s never found time for love, but all of that could be about to change when he rescues the famous, older athlete who steals his heart for the very first time.

Avoiding love is second nature for both men, until they meet that special someone worth fighting for. The odds against Chip and Tyler look insurmountable. But can Tyler leave the safety of the closet, and win Chip’s love at the same time?

Welcome to Hidden Creek, Texas, where the heart know what it wants, and where true love lives happily ever after. Every Men of Hidden Creek novel can be read on its own, but keep an eye out for familiar faces around town! This book contains an eccentric blue-haired aunt, a spurned blackmailer, and a whole lot of balls.

New Release- RENT

Writing under his erotica pen name Luke Jameson, Ian Lewis is excited to announce his latest release RENT: GAY4PAY Vol. 2

RENTSMALLRENT is on sale now at Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. It will be available for purchase at Kobo and iBooks soon.

Rent’s due, and Joe’s bank balance hovers perilously close to zero.

Desperate for cash, Joe hustles until he finds not just one man to satisfy, but a room full of hungry, powerful men in our nation’s capital. These men make laws that govern us all, and hide their true desires from everyone- except Joe.

Determined to extract every dollar he can from the corrupt elite, he dances his way into their fantasies, putting on a show that leaves them begging for release.

Joe and a fellow dancer put on a sizzling performance no one in the voyeuristic audience will ever forget. One night on stage doing what we all do in private guarantees he’ll never have problems making rent again.

Chad’s Challenge On Sale

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On Sale Today at Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo!

His large hand left my waist, cupping the side of my face, stroking it with a feathered touch. I couldn’t breathe, my chest felt tight. Spots of color danced in front of my eyes, my knees weak and uncertain. Lightning flashed through the tiny window, and his lips found mine, claiming them for his own.

I felt like an innocent victim, but can I really play the victim if my dick is hard as a rock?

Playing Doctor: Only You

Readers spoke, and I’m listening. I’ve had several readers comment that they’d love to know what happened to Kent and Erik as they grew older. Of course they are referring to the main characters in my very first book, Playing Doctor.


Handsome man athlete listening to music with cell phone outdoors
Available for purchase on

This was unexpected, to say the least. Kent and Erik were an experiment for me, my first time writing romance. But, apparently I struck a chord with readers, and based on their feedback, I’m continuing their story. The  next book is called Playing Doctor: Only You. The story has been outlined, and the first three chapters written. It will be released before the end of December. I can’t wait to finish it, though it’s also difficult, as I’ve grown attached to these guys.

I listen to a lot of 80’s music, and this song, originally sung by Yaz, reminds me of the depth of feeling Erik and Kent share for one another. I get most of my story ideas from music, and this next book is no exception. If you listen to the words, you’ll get an idea of the direction their story is heading in. I’ll be checking in with you guys soon with more updates!

Saint Brig- Free Book is Live

Saint Brig, a prequel to Missionary, is live, and free to download at all major retailers, including Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Google Play, and Barnes and Noble.

saint brig

Brig, a young man tossed out of his parent’s home on graduation day. Why? For daring to be himself. Unwilling to conform to their religion, or pretend to be straight, Brig leaves home on a journey that will test his fortitude in ways he never thought possible.
He finds himself at Liberty Park in downtown Salt Lake City, and it’s filled with other homeless kids. His sheltered upbringing forces him to grow up quickly. Another street urchin, Gabriel, takes him under his wing, offering him his only glimpse of happiness during a heady, 24 hour period of time.
Saint Brig is a stand-alone short story about a young gay man forced to grow up fast- too fast. Will Brig escape his tragic fate, or get lost in the shuffle of other forgotten youth, doomed to a life on the streets?

Missionary is now Live!

I’m proud to announce that my first full length novel is on sale at all major retailers, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple, and Google Play.


Dreams can come true, even when all hope for happiness has vanished. Fernando and Brig faced harsh realities as they grew into men. One was a street thug, sent into exile by his mother, while the other was disowned for daring to be honest. Many would falter under these circumstances, but they chose to thrive.

Fernando– This handsome, older businessman grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, but through an iron will and determination to succeed, his chain of restaurants become the envy of his peers. When agonizing loneliness and tragedy strike, he’s forced to decide between following the same isolated path, or taking a chance on love.

Brig– An insecure loner tossed out by his conservative, religious family for his sexuality. Introspective, unable to see what he has to offer another man, his love of books almost fills the void in his heart. Content to live alone, afraid of opening himself up to be hurt, his attraction for his older boss becomes unbearable. Forced to make a decision about his future, will he make the right choice and find the happiness his heart desires?

Making hard choices is second nature to these survivors, but now they must make the hardest choice of all- to overcome their fears, and open their hearts to one another.

This is a spicy, stand alone May/December romance with a HEA, no cliffhangers, and lots of feels. Available at Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and Kobo. It will be available at Barnes and Noble soon.





“I think I’m the only one in the world.”

I laughed at the absurdity of that statement.

“Nope, I hate to break it to you, but you are not the only man in the world who happens to be selective. I’m glad I waited for the right guy, made all the difference in the world.” He reached over and ruffled my hair, and I let him, wishing he was the right… My head snapped in his direction. Jamie’s gay?

Jamie and Justin- High school crushes too afraid to be honest when it mattered most. Now adults, they are free to be open with one another. Is it too late for them to act on their feelings?

A romantic short story made for mature adults. It’s sexy, steamy, funny, and filled with those special moments you only experience once in lifetime.


Macho- Now in Kindle Unlimited!

Jared is too young, and I’ve got too much baggage.

Owning Macho is enough, more than enough to keep me busy. I own the gym with my ex, Thorne. He’s Mr. Popular, and I’m the paper-pushing geek stuck in the office.

The first time I saw Jared, he made me smile. His tenacity and will to succeed touched me, and triggered my internal alarm system.

Every time I’ve given my heart away, it’s been scorched. Falling for a young kid like Jared is out of the question.

His sadness draws me in, and I want to protect him from the agony I see hidden behind his innocent, young eyes.

I’ve known that pain myself, and I’ll do anything to help him, except…
Do I have to give him my heart?
Do I even have a choice?

Macho is a May/December romance between two men, Jared and Creed. It is the first book in the Gay RVA Romance series. It’s a standalone story with a HEA, no cheating, and lots of love. Macho has mature themes that include abuse and homelessness.

This is the second edition of Macho, and it’s being re-released with a bonus short story, Hero. Buy it on Amazon, or read it for free in Kindle Unlimited.Machoherocover5

Brig’s First Kiss

As I approach publication, I’m getting very excited- the main characters have invaded my brain in a good way. This is Brig’s first kiss.

Gabriel popped out of his chair, and I almost thought he was going to make a run for the door. Keeping his head down, he started for the exit, grabbing my elbow in his hand and pulling me along with him. I pried his fingers off me, turned and snatched my duffel bag off the floor then jogged toward him. His hand found my arm once more, this time his grip was like a vice.

Vertical image of man in striped sweater

“Young lady, you’ve been through once already.” I heard someone say loudly, knowing they were addressing Jenna. Both of us stopped for a brief second, unable to move, but Gabriel apparently decided he was getting out of there no matter what. His grip on my elbow tightened and seconds later we were outside in the bright sun.

He didn’t let go, his feet pulling us down the sidewalk, almost at a jog. The sidewalks were uneven in places and I almost tripped. An alley opened up on his left side and he pulled me into it, leaned against the concrete wall and started breathing really fast. I leaned against it next to him, my heart pounding with fear, though I wasn’t sure what I was afraid of exactly. Contact fear is the worst; fear derived by someone else’s, unknown and unasked for.

“What just happened?” I whispered between gasps of air. I felt like we’d just run a marathon. Gabriel leaned into me, then I felt his arm on my shoulders. I turned and looked up at him, feeling myself fall under the spell of his hypnotic eyes. We stood there for a minute, just staring at each other, then he leaned down, his lips approaching mine. I’ve never been kissed before, never expected it to happen like this, with someone I’d only just met, who was hiding from a mysterious stranger.