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Macho, a May-December romance between two men, and how it’s never too late to grow.

Jared is an insecure young man from an abusive home taking his first steps toward becoming a stronger man. Surviving an abusive family-life has given him strengths he knows nothing about, until they are revealed to him by the man he falls for. Creed is the muscular, insanely hot owner of Macho, a gym for hardcore fitness fanatics. Attracted to his latest client, he’s wary of the age difference between them, and a secret that could derail any hope for a relationship. Looks are easy to worship, it’s when you are forced to dig beneath the surface that true love becomes a permanent part of your soul.

This is a stand-alone novella without cliffhangers and it comes complete with hot and steamy sexy times and a HEA. For mature audiences over 18. Trigger warning; this story addresses themes of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse.




Unlucky in love, good-hearted Reed Stinger only attracts narcissistic and abusive men who take advantage of his good nature. After he discovers his latest boyfriend in a compromising position with another man, he’s determined to give up on love. When his ex-boyfriend threatens him, it takes the unexpected intervention of a sexy, muscular hero to save him. Can he restore Reed’s faith in love too? This hot and steamy short story contains explicit content and is meant for adults over the age of 18.





“I think I’m the only one in the world.” I laughed at the absurdity of that statement. “Nope, I hate to break it to you, but you are not the only man in the world who happens to be selective. I’m glad I waited for the right guy, made all the difference in the world.” He reached over and ruffled my hair, and I let him, wishing he was the right… My head snapped in his direction. Jamie’s gay?
Jamie and Justin– High school crushes too afraid to be honest when it mattered most. This is their story after high school. Now adults, they are free to be open with one another. Is it too late for them to act on their feelings? This is a romantic short story made for mature adults over the age of 18. It’s steamy, funny, and filled with those special moments you only experience once in lifetime.


Playing Doctor: The Whole Story Parts 1-3


Erik is a young, inexperienced freshman twink in college studying to be a physical education teacher. Kent is pre-med, a student on the cusp of adulthood. Both are yearning for their first-time experience. When their parents start dating, they are forced into spending the night together and wake up the next morning forever changed by their raw, hard, and unprotected experience with each other.
Nothing is better than the first time, except for the second time, and the time after that. Will these two young men overcome roadblocks unwittingly laid down in front of them by clueless parents?

Playing Doctor The Whole Story parts 1-3 is the complete tale of two hot twinks experiencing their first adult encounters with each other, and their first romance. Their story is hot, steamy and tender, and is meant for mature audiences over the age of 18.


Playing Doctor: Part One


Erik wants to be a P.E. Teacher, and Kent is a pre-med student. When their parents leave them alone for the night they enjoy a game to get to know each other in the most physical way possible: playing doctor. It’s their first time experience playing this game; will they both pass the exam? This short story is about a sizzling first-time encounter between two college age adults. Better yet, it’s free!


Playing Doctor: Heart

twink3 (2)Heartsmall

First times experiences make life worth living, creating memories that last forever, no matter if they’re wholesome, or naughty. Erik is a college freshman who just discovered what being a man truly is about, thanks to his Mom’s boyfriend’s son, Kent. Experiencing their first time together triggers feelings neither young man understands, leaving confusion in it’s wake. Erik needs to know if Kent wants something more than a one night stand, something more permanent and lasting.
Deep feelings abound in Part Two of the Playing Doctor series, plus steamy man on man scenes that will burn your sheets with hot, teenage desire.
Rediscover your own first time through the eyes of two hot twinks exploring their bodies and hearts. This story is for mature audiences over the age of 18, featuring scenes you don’t want to read to your mother.


Playing Doctor: Fever

twink3 (2)feversmall

Erik is 19 years old, a muscular college freshman looking through adult eyes for the first time. Encountering love, lust, and urges he never imagined before, his first time intimate experience is with fellow student Kent, the son of his Mother’s boyfriend.

Kent is a tall, handsome pre-med student who shares Erik’s bed and steals his heart. Erik’s blood runs hot at the touch of Kent’s large hands, and Kent can’t get enough of the young jock. Nothing stands in the way of their happiness, except the one person Erik trusts most: his mother. An unexpected ally comes to the aid of the young couple, but will it be enough to keep them together?

This is the conclusion of the Playing Doctor Series, a steamy, romantic tale for adults about two young men discovering each other and themselves for the first time. For mature audiences who love reading about raw, hard, and unprotected twinks falling in love.