Deep Point of View; Bonding Readers to Your Story, And an Excerpt From My Latest Work in Progress.

I grew up in a household filled with books. My father worked in publishing, nothing glamorous, on the sales end of things, but he constantly brought books home for us. This prompted the dream of actually writing fiction as a way of making a living, so I threw my hat into the publishing ring and […]

Rough Trade- Gay Pulp Fiction

While filling the virtual bookshelves of my new bookstore, I found this gem, written many years ago when gay life was a scandalous topic relegated to pulp fiction. It’s called Rough Trade. Love the cover!  

New Bookstore, and Enrique gets real about the business.

I’m really excited to announce my very own bookstore, where I will be selling not only my own books, but books by other authors that I recommend. Books will be available for Amazon Kindle in the .mobi format, and also in the epub format for the majority of other e-readers, including iBooks, Kobo, and Nook. […]

“The Best Way to Fall”

I liked this. I’ve fallen in love with Medium. Always great articles, essays, and short stories. “The Best Way to Fall” @synonymygame

Crush on sale!

This story holds a special place in my heart. Most stories about losing your virginity are awkward, comic, or incredibly awful to say the least. My experience was the opposite; it was very romantic, and definitely worth the wait. I wanted to convey how special that was for me, fictionalized of course! Crush is on […]

“Glad Day Bookshop provides a safe space for everyone”

“Glad Day Bookshop provides a safe space for everyone” @bryann_paul

Thanks Jenna!