Macho- Now in Kindle Unlimited!

Jared is too young, and I’ve got too much baggage. Owning Macho is enough, more than enough to keep me busy. I own the gym with my ex, Thorne. He’s Mr. Popular, and I’m the paper-pushing geek stuck in the office. The first time I saw Jared, he made me smile. His tenacity and will […]

Brig’s First Kiss

As I approach publication, I’m getting very excited- the main characters have invaded my brain in a good way. This is Brig’s first kiss. Gabriel popped out of his chair, and I almost thought he was going to make a run for the door. Keeping his head down, he started for the exit, grabbing my […]

$0.99 on 6/2/2017 – Playing Doctor: The Whole Story Parts 1-3 by Enrique Cruz – Shameless Book Deals

Late to the party- as usual

I have fallen in love with Jack and Ethan, the main characters from Enemies of The State, one of the best M/M romance novels I’ve read this year. Seriously, Tal Bauer’s writing is superb, and there is nothing better than action and adventure combined with political intrigue. Oh, well, yes, it does get better, with the […]

Playing Doctor On Sale

 The story of two virgin twinks having their first time experience has proven to be a great seller. It was my first attempt at writing gay themed erotica, and despite my initial attempts to keep it light and sexy, it turned romantic, of course. It’s set in my hometown of Richmond VA, and it’s pretty […]

Covfefe- Chuck Tingle Strikes Again

My hero, Chuck Tingle has written about another current event so swiftly it makes you wonder if he’s in cahoots with CheetoVonTweeto himself.  Pounded in The Butt by Covfefe is the latest from this twice nominated Hugo award author. Here’s the descriptions. Hayden has been working as Domald Tromp’s private bodyguard for years, but now […]

“It’s one thing to have the hots for your boss, another to be a peeping tom.”

The finish line is in sight. Here is an excerpt from my upcoming novel Missionary. My hands shook as I attempted to get my key in the door. I’d berated myself on the walk home, the inability to keep my thoughts professional bothering me. I needed this job, and if I ever got caught snooping […]